expert guidance

Direct communication through an eye-catching platform has done wonders for organizations I've worked with. Let me help you get started on my favourite newsletter platform, Mailchimp, and help spread your message to the masses.

Not only do I offer one-on-one training with Mailchimp Newsletters, but on a month-to-month basis, I can actually write and publish your newsletters for you. 

A consultation and training session is usually 1 hour. The cost of this is $75 and I will go through the process of setting up the account with you all the way to you sending out your first newsletter. This includes designing a template that fits your organization and can be reused over and over again.

Don't have the time or staff resources to do newsletters in-house? I'll do it for you! As long as you provide the general information and and images you'd like included, I'll work my magic and do the rest! 

Newsletter publications will be done on an "as-needed-basis" and each publication would be $50 as it takes an hour or two to develop one from start to finish. This means there is no commitment from your business to publish one through me every month. Need one for April but not June or July? That's fine! Need one for April, June, and July? Also just fine!

Year contracts can be discussed and will of course be offered at a discounted rate.

And like all my services, there is a discount for non-profits.